The single most important thing to do if you need to raise money - to work out who might want to contribute, what they might be interested in contributing to, and how you will approach them. Making sure your strategy is right for you, and is achievable, is the best start you can give your organisation.  Let us help  you get it right.



Not every organisation has all the fundraising skills they need in-house. That's where we can act as your 'development office' ensuring you have access to the skills and experience needed to make your strategy a success. Whether it's directing and implementing an entire campaign, or helping with just one element such as trusts and foundation applications, we can supplement and complement your staff and volunteers.

Advice & mentoring


Through mentoring, training and guidance programmes, we can help you work out how to improve your fundraising performance and develop the skills you need. Working with Boards of Trustees, staff teams or groups of volunteers,  whether as part of a wider assignment or just a day or two of advice, we' can make a difference.